We do promote the rural tourism, a travel „phylosophy“ which makes possible to get closer to the territory by discovering its villages, traditional buildings, agricultural and handmade products, and gastronomy. Our guests will benefit, in their exploration of the surroundings, of an unconventional experience in comfortable and cozy rooms. Our mission is to make our guests feel at home, in a quiet and sunny place, in close contact with nature.
They also have the chance to taste local products, such as cheeses, fruits, sweet jams, typical local wines, and the “Ciuiga” (local sausage). 
Our beautiful and comfortable apartments once were workshops or just everyday life places, and they now preserve, untouched, their warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our understanding of hospitality is not confined to just providing an accomodation.
We are proud to introduce our guests to our traditions, also organizing ad hoc itineraries, including high mountain trails and warm thermal waters. 
The stay at CASA GREGORI will be a pleasant holiday where getting lost in scents and colors is easy, and where simplicity and authenticity have the power to make you feel at home!